FuelX produces both Alane fuel and Alane fuel cell power systems

Aluminum Hydride (AlH3, commonly called Alane) is the best solid-state H2 storage material.

Alane has greater hydrogen (energy) content than other types of hydrogen storage:

  • 3.5X more than Compressed H2 (Wh/L)
  • 2.2X more than Liquid H2 (Wh/L)
  • 1.9X more than Cold/Cryogenic Compressed H2 (Wh/L)
  • Alane has 3X more energy per weight (Wh/Kg) than Li-ion batteries which is critical for aero and personal power applications
  • Alane is safe, stores at ambient pressure for decades, is shippable by surface and air, and supplies Fuel Cell Power Systems with a low pressure H2 system

FuelX has developed processes to produce Green Alane affordably for commercial power systems