T3MP3ST jet ski power systems

Navy Surface UV and Sport Watercraft

A new lightweight and non-explosive fuel source holds the potential to revolutionize the capabilities and operational effectiveness of Navy Surface UVs, offering improved safety, extended endurance, reduced logistical burden, environmental benefits, and enhanced stealth. The attributes of the Alane fuel are ideal for driving technological innovation in naval propulsion systems. This innovation in turn benefits the private sector, with improvements in efficiency and ecological impact transferring to sport watercraft used by the general public.


Working on Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for transitioning T3MP3ST from the current battery power system to an Alane fuel cell power option. Preliminary engineering efforts have been successfully completed, laying the groundwork for further development.

  1. MOU with T3MP3ST to develop Alane fuel cell power option to current battery power
  2. Preliminary engineering complete
  3. Engineering discussions underway with Toyota, Ballard & Honda/GM
T3MP3ST jet ski power systems

Toyota’s Zero-Emission Powertrain (ZEP)

Presently, engineering discussions are actively ongoing with Toyota, Ballard and Honda/GM, marking a crucial phase in refining the design and implementation of Alane fuel cell technology for the T3MP3ST project.

T3MP3ST jet ski power systems

The T3MP3ST Maverick GT Jet Ski

The United States Navy has identified a pressing need for electronic watercraft (e-Watercraft) with exceptional range and performance. There is also a strong  desire to minimize carbon footprint. Traditional battery-powered systems present challenges; they are heavy, occupy significant space, and require considerable time to recharge.

T3MP3ST jet ski power systems
  • Navy has requirement for e-Watercraft
  • Desire to reduce carbon footprint while having exception range and performance
  • The FuelX Alane fuel cell power system for T3MP3ST will provide capabilities to meet exceptional range and performance requirements for the Navy

In response, FuelX is spearheading the development of an Alane fuel cell power system tailored specifically for T3MP3ST (Tactical, Mobile, Multi-Mission Expeditionary Surface Testbed) to address these challenges.