Hydrogen e-VTOL

Alane’s high energy density enables Vertical Takeoff and Landing (e-VTOL) aircraft to achieve extended flight durations and increased payload capacities, all while maintaining the agility and maneuverability required for vertical takeoff and landing operations. This remarkable power source not only enhances the operational capabilities of e-VTOL aircraft but also contributes to their overall sustainability by reducing reliance on traditional fossil fuels.


Air Force PEO Mobility:
Hydrogen e-VTOL

Piasecki Aircraft Corp (PiAC) and FuelX Innovation, Inc. (FuelX) have signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) to collaboratively conduct research and development of potential aviation applications using hydrogen fuel cells and aluminum hydride (Alane) solid-state hydrogen storage material.

Piasecki Aircraft Corporation is currently executing research and development efforts on aviation grade hydrogen fuels, as well as gaseous and liquid hydrogen fuel storage. Under this MoA with FuelX, PiAC will expand its R&D program to include consideration of Alane and its unique properties as a medium for hydrogen storage. These include very high volumetric energy density, safe low operating pressure, and decades long storage at ambient temperature and pressure. The R&D effort could include both ground and flight testing for both scaled and full-scale applications.

Alane advantage:

  1. Increased Safety
  2. Customer Acceptance
  3. Fuel Recharging
  4. Efficient Operations and Maintenance
Piasecki’s hydrogen hybrid-electric helicopter demonstrator – initial flights November 2023.

PIAC has procured two CoAX-2D helicopters for engineering and flight evaluations to support its research.

According to PIAC, the hydrogen version of the CoAX-2D will consist of a battery, hydrogen tank, power inverter, electric motor, computer controller, four cooling fans and an oxygen tank. Piasecki did not announce a timeline but said the hydrogen version of the CoAX-2D would be flying before its own PA-890 helicopter.

Piasecki Aircraft is leveraging its 70-year+ heritage of ground-breaking rotorcraft technology development on the PA890 winged-compound helicopter. The PA890 offers users world class multi-market capability in a right-sized configuration that provides emission-free and low-noise performance, while enhancing operator’s bottom lines through highly-competitive long-term market cost operational benefits.