FuelX specializes in manufacturing cutting-edge Solid-State Hydrogen Products and Power Systems tailored for a variety of applications including: Soldier, e-Scooter, Aviation, and Jet Ski Power Systems.

Alane Power Systems - Soldier SPG

Soldier Power Systems

At FuelX, we understand the challenges facing dismounted squads and platoons left with less-than-ideal options: hauling around cumbersome extra batteries or relying on intermittent battery resupply to keep their energy needs met.

Our innovative solution offers a game-changing alternative that provides reliable power generation without the burden of constant battery swaps, extra weight, logistical constraints, or resupply headaches.

Alane Power Systems - e-Scooter

e-Scooter Power Systems

FuelX Alane is ideal for e-Scooters; holding 3 times more energy per weight than lithium-ion batteries, it stores at ambient pressure for decades, and is shippable by surface or air, ensuring efficient transportation and safe storage for the consumer.

FuelX Alane Cartridges provide e-Scooters with a safe, lightweight, thermally stable and rechargeable power solution.

  1. Higher energy density: Holds three times more energy per weight compared to lithium-ion batteries, which means e-scooters equipped with FuelX Alane have longer range or smaller, lighter battery packs for the same range.
  2. Long-term storage: FuelX Alane can be stored for long periods of time, which is advantageous for consumer products like e-scooters that may not be used continuously or may be stored for extended periods.
  3. Safety: FuelX Alane’s stability and safety characteristics make it suitable for surface and air transportation with no risk of the storage fires lithium-ion batteries are susceptible to.

Replacing gasoline-powered two-stroke scooters with Alane e-Scooters will yield numerous benefits for public health, the environment, and overall quality of life.

Alane Power Systems - Aviation

Aviation Power Systems

Alane-powered aircraft and drones will soar farther and safer with FuelX than their lithium-ion battery counterparts of the same weight. This extended range opens up new possibilities for air travel, allowing for longer flights and increased operational flexibility.

FuelX supports a wide range of aerial platforms; Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing aircraft (eVTOL), Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) Drones, Military UAVs, and Civilian Air Taxis.

  1. Extended Range: FuelX Alane enables electric aircraft to achieve greater flight distances
  2. Enhanced Safety: FuelX Alane has superior stability and safety features
  3. Energy Storage: FuelX Alane provides efficient energy storage for electric aircraft

Our technology enables the maximization and expansion of electric aircraft’s real-world capabilities.

Alane Power Systems - Jet Ski

JetSki Power Systems

FuelX Alane solutions provide quieter operation, extended range, and prolonged deployment, for Jet Skis and Navy Surface UVs. Alane’s high energy density results in significant weight savings compared to traditional batteries, boosting performance without compromising power.

The Jet Ski’s capability to operate in extremely shallow waters, including through the surf zone, renders them invaluable for extractions, and counter-terrorism missions. Distributed operations and expeditionary advanced base operations (EABO) both benefit from dispersed, low-profile, cost-effective marine platforms. Traditional personal watercraft are fairly loud, a FuelX Alane powered electric version allows operators to get closer to shore without being detected.

  1. Storage: FuelX Alane jet ski power boasts exceptional stability, allowing for long-term storage without significant degradation, ensuring the watercraft is always ready for action.
  2. Weight: With its high energy density, Alane power packs offer significant weight savings compared to traditional battery systems, enhancing maneuverability and performance without sacrificing power.
  3. Longevity: Alane’s robust composition ensures longevity, providing reliable power for the Jet Ski over countless rides and seasons, without the need for frequent replacements or maintenance.

FuelX Alane jet ski power transforms watercraft performance with exceptional stability, weight savings, and efficiency. From long-term storage to streamlined logistics, it ensures reliability and safety, maximizing success on the water.

Alane Power System Applications