Alane powered aircraft fly further and safer than same weight lithium ion battery aircraft

Comparison of Alane Power Unit and Li-ion Battery Pack

Alane Power Unit
Li-ion Battery Pack
Range – 150 miles Range – 150 miles
Energy required – 200 KWh Energy required – 200 KWh
Alane Power Unit weight* – 587 Lbs Battery Pack weight – 2200 Lbs
Energy density – 750 Wh/Kg Energy density – 200 Wh/Kg
Full power always available Power degrades as batteries run down

* Includes weight of Alane Cartridge.

  • The worldwide drone market is USD 6.8B anticipated to reach USD 36.9B by 2022, according to Barron’s MarketWatch May 2020 which includes: Agriculture, Oil and Gas, Border Patrol, Law Enforcement, Homeland Security, Disaster Response (FEMA), Package Delivery, Photography, Videography and others
  • The Alane Portable Power system is also the power system for longer range Package Delivery UAVs
Air Taxis
  • The market known as electric air taxis will continue to mature during this decade, soaring to $1.5T globally by 2040, according to a Morgan Stanley Research study
  • Start-ups and major brands are developing them, including Boeing, Hyundai, Airbus, and Toyota